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Welcome to AgriLabs

Our mission at Agrilabs goes beyond providing quality animal health products to the industry. We believe it is critical for us to strengthen our partnerships with the veterinary profession, our distributor network and the manufacturers with whom we work. These professional partnerships will enable us to better serve our mutual customer – you.

The previous U.S. animal health business model was often characterized by unnecessary competition, rather than cooperation, along the chain between manufacturers and consumers. In an effort to become leaner and more competitive, each link in the chain sought to become more efficient by assuming some of the responsibilities of their downstream and upstream market channel partners, often resulting in duplication of services and inefficiency.

Agrilabs was established to forge a different kind of chain from the manufacturer to the end user. The links of the chain are interdependent, with each link making the other links stronger and all pulling together. The net effect is a smoother and more efficient system to transfer technology from research laboratories to the animal health marketplace. The system also ensures the integrated delivery of products and technical services to veterinarians and their clients. We welcome you to be a part of this stronger chain.

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