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ACHIEVE® PRO with Cryptex®

ACHIEVE® PRO Supports Calves During Times of Stress

ACHIEVE PRO with Cryptex provides a scientifically formulated blend of nutrients, beneficial microorganisms, and specific targeted proteins, along with a proprietary matrix of polysaccharides and yeast extract to help calves through periods of stress, particularly during the first 14 days of life when they are most vulnerable to disease.'

Supporting the newborn.

The reality is not every calf receives the right amount of quality colostrum at the right time and often times newborn calves are exposed to adverse environmental conditions such as feces, mud, poor water, inclement weather or crowding. Conditions which leave them vulnerable during the first couple weeks of life and can lead to sickness. 

Key Healthy Difference® Benefits

  1. High quality targeted proteins to maintain gut health.
  2. Supplies glycine and beneficial bacteria that help promote optimal intestinal health.
  3. Supplies pre-biotic inulin – a fructooligosaccharide that has been shown to promote growth of beneficial bacteria and decrease the amount of pathogens such as E. coli and Clostridium in the intestine. (Bunce et. al.,1995) 
  4. Cryptex® is a unique proprietary blend of yeast extract, and dextran to maintain gut health and integrity.
  5. Mixes and cleans up easily
  6. Flavored. Highly Palatable.

Multiple Product Selections make it easy to feed in any situation

>> Available as a powdered formulation in three package sizes of 800 gram (5 calf pack), 4000 gram (25 calf pack) and 8000 gram (50 calf pack).
>> The powder formulation offers easy feeding of multiple calves. It mixes easily in warm (body temperature) milk replacer or whole milk.
>> Easy to measure - each package size of powdered ACHIEVE® PRO contains a measuring scoop.
>> Also available as 60 gram paste (newborn calves) and 15 gram paste (lambs and kids).
>> The paste formulation is easy to feed to individual calves, kids or lambs. It is highly palatable and extremely digestible.
>> No withdrawal period required.


For ordering information please contact AgriLabs or your distributor representative