Industry Innovations

The establishment of AgriLabs® in 1984 was an innovation in itself, demonstrating a new way of marketing and distributing animal health products. Since then, the company has continued breaking new ground in the industry.

AgriLabs received approval from the Center for Veterinary Medicine for the first marketed Abbreviated New Animal Drug Application (ANADA) under the Generic Animal Drug and Patent Term Restoration Act. The Company has received approval for 12 ANADAs and continues to collaborate with manufacturers to develop ANADAs for food animals.

A leader in acquiring private label products for the livestock segment, AgriLabs has also been recognized by the industry for its unprecedented marketing support. Throughout the years the Company has been an active and enthusiastic supporter of industry programs and events.

Three examples of collaboration and innovation in the cattle industry are Top Line, Titanium® and SRP® vaccines. Top Line and Double impact were second brand ivermectin products marketed in the United States, manufactured by Merial. Titanium and Master Guard® were the first licensed BVD II products approved in the United States, and SRP Salmonella Newport was the first conditionally licensed vaccine approved for the Salmonella Newport bacteria. Both of the vaccines soon became number one market leaders in their respective vaccine categories.

In 1984 the founders of Agri Laboratories, LTD analyzed the animal health industry and concluded that a well-managed network of diversified independent distributors could deliver more manufacturing products into the hands or more producers, more efficiently. Ever since, AgriLabs has continued to explore new business innovations with manufacturers worldwide needing access to distribution, marketing and technical service support for their products.

Be an AgriLabs Partner

If you are a manufacturer of animal health products that is looking for a partner to bring your products to market, then AgriLabs can be your successful partner. Our mission at AgriLabs goes beyond providing quality animal health products to the industry. We believe it is critical for us to strengthen our partnerships with our customers, our distribution network and the manufacturers with whom we work. These professional partnerships will enable us to better serve our mutual customer. Please contact us, and a representative from AgriLabs will be in touch with you.

Our Technology Transfer Partnership provides start-ups or established manufacturers the ability to leverage their technology by partnering with AgriLabs. AgriLabs supports the transition from research to manufacturing to the field. Advancing technology transfer is a growing part of the AgriLabs commitment to animal health.

For an AgriLabs partner, we are able to offer food animal manufacturers everything from turn-key operations, to logistics for current or new products. Our success in gaining market share with food animal generic drugs, vaccines and nutritionals over the past 30 years, provides proven results for an AgriLabs Partner.

In addition, with the investment in VaxLiant® adjuvants, this allows vaccine manufacturers access to patented and novel adjuvants to provide our manufacturing partners with differential advantages for their vaccine technologies.

AgriLabs is a registered trademark of Agri Laboratories, Ltd. Titanium and Master Guard are registered trademarks of Elanco. SRP is a registered trademark of Epitopix. VaxLiant is a registered trademark of VaxLiant, LLC.