VetGunTM Applicator


Product Information

VetGun is the only approved delivery system for treating cattle for horn flys, face flies and lice with the AiM-L VetCaps. It's simple to operate, accurate and reliable. The VetGun is designed and manufactured with the highest standards and materials to consistently deliver each VetCap to the target animal and is supported by an exceptional service guarantee. AiM-L VetCap is a scientifically developed gelatin capsule containing an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)- approved topical insecticide proven effective for control of horn flies and lice on cattle. The AiM-L VetCaps are specifically engineered to withstand transportation and handling, yet burst upon contact with the animal. AiM-L VetCaps contain 10 mL of lambda cyhalothrin encased in a specialized capsule to be used exclusively with the VetGun.


AiM-L VetCaps are recommended for use on cattle over 600 lbs. Please note storage and handling requirements for this product as it is sensitive to cold temperatures and humidity. Store product in conditions where relative humidity is kept between 30 and 50% and temperatures are maintained between 50-70°F.

Packaging: 1 VetGun Applicator

Dosage and Administration


Use AIM-L VetCaps exclusively with a VetGun and in accordance with use directions and treatment
method recommendations.

  • Apply when animal is between 15 and 30 feet distance from the user.
  • Do not apply treatment when bystanders are within 30 feet of the animal.
  • Do not apply to any animals in or within 10 feet of bodies of water.

AIM-L VetCaps are designed for use only with the VetGun that carries the VetCap approved label. Using any other application device or method could be unsafe, ineffective and/or cause harm or injury.


Apply a VetCap to the upper two-thirds side of the animal’s body, anywhere between the front shoulders and six inches ahead of the base of the tail.


AiM-L VetCaps can be used on beef cattle of all ages provided they are greater than 600 lbs. Treatment for flies can be repeated as needed but not more than once every two weeks and do not apply more often than four times within any six-month period. For optimal lice control, an initial application followed by a second treatment two weeks later is recommended. AiM-L READ ALL LABEL INFORMATION FOR INSTRUCTIONS.


1 VetCap (10mL) for cattle over 600 pounds

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