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AiM-L VetCaps

AiM-L™ VetCaps is a scientifically developed gelatin capsule containing an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-approved topical insecticide proven effective for control of horn flies and lice on cattle. The AiM-L™ VetCaps are specifically engineered to withstand transportation and handling, yet burst upon contact with the animal. AiM-L™ VetCaps contain 10 mL of lambda cyhalothrin encased in a specialized capsule to be used exclusively with the VetGun™.

The leading causes of economic lose in the cattle industry is parasites, particularly horn flies.

Horn flies interrupt cattle from grazing and can cause as much as one pint of blood loss per day per animal, resulting in up to 30 percent less weight gain in just 80 days. Overall, horn flies cost the U.S. cattle industry nearly $1 billion per year.

Treatment methods against these blood-sucking parasites include spray-ons, pour-ons, insecticide eartags, dustbags and feed additives. But the most traditional horn fly treatments require rounding up the cattle and running them through a chute. This labor-intensive process provides inaccurate dosage control, creates stress and risks injury to you and your cattle.

Because most cattle raisers try to handle their cattle as little as possible, some parasites aren't treated at the best time or don't get treated at all.

VetGun™ and AiM-L™ VetCaps provide control where and when you need it.