Our Approach

Distribution and Sales

The heart and soul of AgriLabs is its outstanding distributor network. From its founding, every distributor has been in an ownership position with the company. Elected shareholders also serve on the Board of Directors, participating actively in policy making. This management/distributor relationship gives AgriLabs a unique perspective on the market. This, combined with the participation and loyalty of shareholder/distributors, provides for the best communication and response time in the industry.

A direct result of shareholders' input is the company's marketing approach: AgriLabs selects, develops and promotes products based on markets rather than the more common product category method. Species-specific targeting offers end-users virtually all products needed for all operations including pharmaceuticals, biologicals, insecticides or accessories. This 'bundling' makes product decisions simpler and provides a springboard for cross-selling.

The AgriLabs sales force is one of the best trained and knowledgeable in the industry. AgriLabs provides comprehensive training, up-to-the-minute technical data and complete product information.

AgriLabs markets, distributes and sells products through our warehouse and shipping facility based in St. Joseph, MO. Our experienced and knowledgeable sales, technical, and marketing team can provide manufacturers a strong partner to bring products to the marketplace.