Be an AgriLabs Partner

If you are a manufacturer of animal health products that is looking for a partner to bring your products to market, then AgriLabs can be your successful partner. Our mission at AgriLabs goes beyond providing quality animal health products to the industry. We believe it is critical for us to strengthen our partnerships with our customers, our distribution network and the manufacturers with whom we work. These professional partnerships will enable us to better serve our mutual customer. Please contact us, and a representative from AgriLabs will be in touch with you.

Our Technology Transfer Partnership provides start-ups or established manufacturers the ability to leverage their technology by partnering with AgriLabs. AgriLabs supports the transition from research to manufacturing to the field. Advancing technology transfer is a growing part of the AgriLabs commitment to animal health.

For an AgriLabs partner, we offer food animal companies everything from turn-key operations, to logistics for current or new products. Our success in gaining market share with food animal generic drugs, vaccines and nutritionals provides proven results for an AgriLabs partner. In addition, our investment in VaxLiant® adjuvants allows our partners access to patented and novel adjuvants that provide differential advantages for vaccine technologies.