A leader in biological innovation.

The next generation of vaccine solutions

AgriLabs continues to evolve in its efforts to improve animal health, nutrition and productivity.

Through one of the most advanced diagnostic and production facilities in the industry, AgriLabs today is delivering the next sequence in animal health — biological innovations that feature a new generation of vaccines and related technologies.

The foundation of these innovations includes a proprietary DNA-based vaccine platform and adjuvant technologies that promise to make significant contributions within the U.S. animal health market.

The DNA platform, in combination with ENABL adjuvants, not only helps veterinarians and producers with herd-specific disease challenges, but also a rapid response to evolving diseases that threaten the livestock industry.

A new class of adjuvants

ENABL features a patented lipid/polymer matrix for more efficient vaccine delivery to target cells and greater antigen absorption. It helps realize the promise of DNA vaccines while improving the performance of traditional licensed and custom products.

Custom vaccines

AgriLabs' new custom vaccine option for swine is different from any other option on the market. In combination with ENABL, our proprietary PRRS vaccine manufacturing process broadens and enhances the immune response — delivering a new level of custom vaccine performance.

These technologies — combined with other innovative products and the leading distribution network in the U.S. — uniquely position AgriLabs to improve animal health, nutrition and productivity.