ENABL adjuvant technology delivers innovation

ENABL® is a patented adjuvant technology that takes the effectiveness of vaccines — both traditional and next-generation DNA-products — to a new level.

Along with its applications for animal health, the adjuvant may also be applied to a broad range of compositions and methods for human health.

ENABL features a unique lipid/polymer matrix for more efficient vaccine delivery. The result is higher absorption of antigen into target cells for a greater immune response. ENABL also offers a reduced number of doses, including the potential to induce an immune response after a single dose administration.

Other benefits include improved safety with injection site reactions and less risk of carcass condemnations. ENABL because of its proprietary lipid /polymer matrix has a greater loading capacity that allows higher antigen-to-adjuvant ratios and greater potential for multivalent vaccines. Mixing and syringeability is easy, too.

ENABL plays a key role in the commercialization of AgriLabs' DNA vaccine platform.

DNA vaccines will be front-line tools in the fight against current and emerging animal diseases through development that's far faster than conventional vaccines. DNA vaccines don’t expose treated animals to disease-producing organisms, because DNA vaccines will not mutate back to a virulent form, and that also provides the ability to differentiate infected from vaccinated animals.

The DNA platform, including ENABL adjuvant technology, represents the next generation of biological innovation in animal health.