Now USDA Licensed

Colostrx® CS (Supplement)

Product Information

When Mother Nature needs a hand, count on Colostrx CS. Colostrx CS is for use as a supplement to maternal colostrum when assurance of added immunity is desired or when the quality or quantity of maternal colostrum is unsure. USDA licensed for the treatment of Failure of Passive Transfer of immunity and aid prevention of death associated with E.coli K99.

Packaging: 350 g pouch and 20 lb bulk pail

Dosage and Administration

Mix 1 dose (350g) of Colostrx CS into 1.5 quarts of clean, warm water 100-110°. Feed to calf by bottle, pail or esophageal feeder.

SPECIAL OFFER: Receive your choice of a free 3 quart calf bottle or 1.5 Liter calf feeder with qualifying purchase of Colostrx CR or Colostrx CS during the program period of November 1, 2017, through May 31, 2018. Click on the red link below to download a copy of the Colostrx rebate form:

Colostrx Rebate Form