What are the odds?

They're higher than you might think. Vaccinate with MpB Guard and guard your cattle against respiratory disease.

MpB Guard®

Product Information

MpB Guard is a Mycoplasma bovis bacterin, which contains antigens from two field isolates of M.bovis and their soluble antigens. A two-dose vaccination series provides cattle with early protection against potential loss caused by M.bovis.


Packaging: 10 dose and 50 dose vial

Active Ingredient or Composition

Contains antigens from two field isolates of Mycoplasma bovis and their soluble antigens.

Dosage and Administration

Using aseptic technique, inject 2 mL Sub-Q in the front of the shoulder and midway of the neck, away from the suprascapular lymph node. Repeat in 14 to 28 days. Revaccinate as recommended by your veterinarian.