Niacin-Energy Drench + Vitamins

Niacin-Energy Drench + Vitamins

Product Information

Use on fresh heifer and on ketotic cows. Niacin-Energy Drench provides niacin to counteract ketosis, propylene glycol for the energy deficient heifer and B vitamins to stimulate the appetite.

Packaging: 1 gallon

Active Ingredient or Composition

Niacin, min 11,500 mg; Vitamin B6 60mg; Vitamin B12 600mcg; Propylene Glycol 90gm

Dosage and Administration

Provide one 200mL feeding immediately following calving. Give additional feedings as needed. Administer using a drench gun. The drench should be administered slowly between the cheek and the teeth. Do not administer to a cow without a swallowing reflex.