Oxytocin (Rx)

Oxytocin (Rx)

Product Information

Oxytocin may be used as a uterine contractor to percipitate and accelerate normal parturition and postpartum evacuation of uterine debris. In surgery it may be used postoperatively following cesarean section to facilitate involution and resistance to the large inflow of blood. It will contract smooth muscle cells of the mammary gland for milk letdown if the udder is in proper physiological state.

Packaging: 100mL

Active Ingredient or Composition

Each mL contains Oxytocic activity equivalent to 20 USP Posterior Pituitary units with Sodium Hydroxide/Acetic Acid for pH adjustment.

Dosage and Administration

IV, IM, or SC:

For obstetrical use in horses and cows: 100 USP (5mL)

Sows and ewes: 30-50 USP (1 1/2 to 2 1/2mL);

For milk letdown in cows: 10 - 20 USP (1/2 to 1mL) and sows (1/4 - 1mL)

Do not use in dystocia due to abnormal presentation of fetus until correction is accomplished.