Work Smarter, Not Harder

SmartVet Partnership

AgriLabs® and SmartVet™ have joined forces to bring a new category of horn fly control to cattle raisers, which delivers an insecticide pour-on without handling your cattle. It eliminates extra handling or corralling and reduces unnecessary stress on you and the cattle.

AgriLabs® is a leading animal health, sales and marketing organization with distribution throughout the United States. Through technology transfer and cooperative development agreements, AgriLabs has introduced state-of-the-art products for beef, dairy and companion animal industries. The wholly-owned ProLabs® division focuses on new product development of companion animal products into the over-the-counter channel. The VaxLiant® company is an adjuvant company designed to modernize how vaccines deliver antigens to prevent disease with its ENABL® and Biomize®adjuvants.

SmartVet is a global drug delivery and biopharmaceutical company with a particular focus on livestock and public health. It was co-founded by a fourth-generation cattle rancher to find simple and logical solutions to everyday problems. They approach every problem from a cattleman's perspective "how can we make this easy to use, efficient and cost-effective?"

For for more information on the VetGun products or for technical assistance contact us at 1 (800) 542-8916.